About Ethics & Compliance

Office of Ethics and Compliance

Now more than ever, UNC Charlotte operates in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Countless federal, state, and local agencies govern and monitor our activities as an institution through myriad laws and regulations. The consequences for violating rules are often severe and can have incredibly harmful repercussions for the University.

In response to today’s regulatory climate - and because it’s the right thing to do - the Board of Trustees authorized the establishment of a University Ethics and Compliance Program. This program is designed to promote and support an academic and working environment that reflects the University’s commitment to maintaining the highest level of integrity and ethical standards in the conduct of its operations.

Our culture is defined by our values and principles. UNC Charlotte’s "Standards of Ethical Conduct" document (University Policy 804) is the cornerstone for the way we operate as a University. These standards set forth our expectations and serve as a guide for handling ethical and compliance situations day in and day out.

Susan Burgess, Chief Compliance Officer

For more information, visit https://compliance.uncc.edu